Winthrop's Specialist Property Management Company

At Vivid, we are specialists in property management and have a dedicated team of experts waiting to help you. Combined with our leasing and support service, our team of property managers is committed to getting results for our clients. The bottom line is, we are here to make life easier for you from finding tenants for your properties, to managing the rental from start to finish. We do the hard work for you.

We understand that life is busy and you want reliable tenants that pay their rent on time and care for your property as if it were their own. With our passionate, hardworking team and our years of experience, we are confident that you won’t find a better solution to your property rental requirements.

Finding the best tenants

You have made your investment but finding the right tenants isn’t easy. At Vivid we take time to screen each application to make sure we select the right tenant and secure you the best possible rent.

There’s more to Vivid

Quality Homes

High quality properties, always clean and well maintained

Flexible Viewing

Viewings available at flexible times, we work outside 9am-5pm

Online Systems

Easy online applications and online lease signing too

Onsite Induction

Moving day onsite induction with your property manager

Utilities Service

Free service to connect utilities when you move in

Dedicated Team

Access to your own dedicated property manager and team

Digital Comms

Proactive communication by email and text message

Phone App

Handy maintenance app for fast submission of requests

You Achieve a better return on your investment

Consider some of the facts, with Vivid the median leasing term is just 8 days from advertising to a signed lease. This means on average we lease properties 24 days faster than average agencies.

As well as receiving a fully managed service we achieve an average of 4.87% over the appraised rent for our clients.

All of this results in our clients receiving for vacant properties 24 days more rent than you would receive with the average property management agency.

Discover how we can help you to manage your property

We want our clients to feel safe and relaxed while enjoying results over and above their expectations. We feel that we offer a more refreshing approach than the typical property management agency.