Finding pet-friendly rentals in Perth

Finding a pet-friendly rental can be tricky, so we’ve shared our top tips to help you find the perfect Perth property for you and your pets.

Find the perfect property for every family member

If you’ve ever tried to find a pet-friendly rental property, you already know it can be a challenging task. To you, your pet is another member of the family, but many landlords won’t entertain the idea of accepting tenants with pets. Sometimes this is because they’ve had a bad experience with a past tenant. While you can’t imagine living without your furry best mate, the property owner is having nightmares about chewed skirting boards and stained carpets.

But don’t be discouraged. Demand for pet-friendly rentals is high and landlords are becoming increasingly open to tenants with animals. Need some help finding the right property for your pet-loving family? Check out our top tips to find pet-friendly Perth rentals.

Be flexible with location

Of course, you have a preference where you’d like to live, but if you need a rental that accommodates pets, it helps to be flexible. You may need to widen your search and take in the neighbouring suburbs to find the perfect, pet-friendly property.

It’s also important to consider the needs of your pet. Do they need a backyard and lots of space in the suburbs, or will they be happy in a studio apartment?

Be prepared to pay a little more

Sometimes landlords will charge a slightly higher price for pet-friendly rentals, so you may need to be prepared to pay a little more. Also, in Western Australia, landlords can require tenants to pay a pet bond in addition to rental bond. (This doesn’t apply to tenants with guide dogs). In August 2020, the pet bond was capped at $260, unless the weekly rental is more than $1200.

Make friends with the property manager

Property managers are great allies to have when you’re looking for a pet-friendly rental, especially the experts here at Vivid. Let us know you’re on the hunt for a rental that will accept your animal and we’ll send you alerts for new rental properties that might suit you.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you find a property you love but it doesn’t specify that pets are allowed, don’t be afraid to ask. The owner may be open to the idea. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know, and you may miss out on a great rental.

Have great references

If you’ve rented with a pet before, make sure you have references from previous landlords or property managers that demonstrate you’re a responsible pet owner. This will go a long way to making a landlord feel more comfortable about renting you their property.

Be honest from the start

Even if you think the landlord will never find out, don’t try to sneak a pet into the property behind their back. Be upfront about the type of pet you have and how many, otherwise you could be breaking the terms of your lease.

Help put their mind at ease

If a landlord is baulking at the idea of having pets in their property, perhaps you could help put their mind at ease by agreeing to to pay for an annual carpet clean.

Be a responsible pet owner

Make sure you take great care of your pet and that they’re registered, microchipped, vaccinated and protected from fleas and worms. No landlord wants fleas through their carpet. Once you’re in your rental property, just be a good tenant and neighbour.

We all know pets have minds of their own, and things don’t always go to plan. However, if your dog has a bad night, or your cat escapes to cause some neighbourhood havoc, your tenancy may hit some speed bumps.

Vivid Property Perth can help you find a pet-friendly rental.

If you’re looking for a rental property that welcomes pets, Vivid Property Perth are here to help make your search easier. Get in touch with our specialist property management team and we’ll connect you with a property that’s right for you.

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