Townhouse rentals a popular choice

If you’re looking for a compromise between apartment living and a suburban home, a townhouse rental could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Could a townhouse be the perfect compromise between apartment living and suburban home?

Perth townhouse rentals are becoming increasingly popular as people look for alternatives to leasing larger suburban properties, but also want a little more space than the average inner-city apartment.  There are some exceptional choices throughout the city and suburbs, most with their own courtyard, balcony and private lock-up garages.

Townhouse rentals can be a great choice for singles, couples and families, depending on your lifestyle, the location you want to live in, and your budget.

Here are some more reasons you might want to consider a townhouse for your next Perth rental property:

Extra space without all the commitment

A townhouse will generally give you more floorspace and storage than an apartment, with less commitment than a freestanding house. If you don’t want to spend your weekends mowing lawns, cleaning gutters and weeding gardens, but you still want a little extra room to spread out at home, a townhouse can be the ultimate compromise.

Townhouse rentals are great for families who want to live in the city without sacrificing space and privacy, but those with very young children will want to make sure they take extra precautions with the stairs! Compared to a larger house, you’ll generally save on living costs, like hefty power bills and extra furnishings.

If you’re a professional or frequent traveller, a low-maintenance townhouse gives you more freedom to lock up and leave for extended periods. If you work long hours, you’ll probably appreciate the extra time to have coffee with friends or relax on the weekend, rather than tending to home maintenance and all the extra cleaning that comes with large, sprawling homes.

Also a great option for singles or university students, because they’re generally bigger than an apartment, townhouse rentals can work well as share houses, significantly reducing your living costs.

You’ll have more privacy than an apartment

Most townhouses offer almost the same level of privacy as a freestanding house. On the other hand, apartments have common areas, shared parking garages, elevators and stairs. Not to mention, hello neighbours! (Above, below and on all sides!)

In a townhouse you may have one or more shared walls and perhaps a shared driveway or walkway. You’ll likely have a private garage and courtyard, and no neighbours upstairs and downstairs to worry about.

A little piece of the outdoors

For some people, apartment living suits them to a tee. There’s very little maintenance and they might have fantastic facilities like a gym or pool in their complex, which are rare finds with townhouse living. Inner-city apartments are fantastic for those who rely on public transport, love walking out the door and straight into their favourite brunch spot, or breaking free of the morning commute and cycling to work in five minutes.

But others crave a little bit of space even in the city, without the full commitment of a big, suburban backyard. Townhouse rentals can be the perfect choice, with courtyards giving you a little piece of the outdoors without having to leave home and head to the local park.

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