Our Speciality

We’re not kidding when we say that Perth property management is our speciality. Our property rentals aren’t an extra job for sales agents or admin staff. We have property managers and a dedicated leasing and support services team who eat, sleep and breathe rentals.

We’re extremely proud of our powerhouse team of professionals. They get results and our clients tell us we’re friendly, approachable and responsive. It’s high praise, we know. And it makes us work even harder.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering exceptional results to maximise the value of your Perth property and deliver the ultimate customer service experience, every single time.

Our Perth property management approach

We don’t merely list your property and hope that a suitable tenant falls into our lap. We’re proactive in our Perth property management from day one. We focus on every little detail to present, stage and showcase your property at its best. That means you can achieve a higher rental return and attract a better quality tenant.

Then we go through a rigorous vetting process because we only want to put someone in your property who’ll love and care for it like it’s their own. After that, we’ll look after that tenant so well that they’re more likely to stay in your property longer.

  • Less periods of vacancy
  • Consistent rental income
  • Quality tenants who respect your property
  • Tenants who are more open to fair rent increases

The personal way we approach property management in Perth means your tenants deal with a team of real people who are always available. You won’t be left chasing a faceless leasing agent, or that person in charge of rentals who is always hard to get hold of. That means happier tenants, longer tenancies, less turnover and better results for you.

Find your perfect match

Our Perth property managers don’t cut corners. That’s important because small details can make an enormous difference to how quickly your property is leased and the rental price you can achieve.

Your property will be professionally photographed and presented for marketing, and you’ll get premium online advertising at no extra cost. If your property is vacant, we can even virtually stage it for you. That means we take a professional photo of the property and digitally add furniture and décor to make the space more inviting and homely.

We also have a database of active renters who receive alerts about new properties they might be interested in, and we offer out of hours viewings at flexible times. Our Perth leasing managers work outside the typical 9am-5pm. That way we’re able to mobilise properties quicker, present them better and get them leased to better quality candidates.

We use sophisticated, professional business systems while always keeping a warm, personal approach. We’re here to connect people with property in Perth and with one simple phone call, that level of service could be yours. Looking for the best Perth property management team to look after your needs? We’d love to hear from you.

There’s more to Vivid

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Property Manager with a specialist support team for exceptional, consistent service

Fully Managed

Comprehensive, fully managed service to our meticulous standards

Nothing Upfront

No cash upfront – we don’t charge you a cent until your property is leased

Transparent Fees

Simple and transparent fee structure, with no hidden or unexpected charges

Premium Marketing

Premium showcasing of your property, including professional photography

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging of vacant properties so they are warm and inviting

Flexible Viewings

Flexible viewing times for maximum exposure, ensuring quality tenants are secured

Great Reviews

Very happy client reviews on Rate My Agent, where we have an average 4.9-star rating

Our team are
here to help

How can we help?

One of our team will be more than happy to chat about your property goals over a coffee, so please get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It could appear tempting not to pay fees to a managing agent, but that’s probably where the temptation should end. It’s a bit like pulling your own teeth to avoid paying a dentist. Self-managing your property is a high risk strategy and is likely to cost you far more money in the long run, as well as eat up valuable time you could better spend elsewhere.

    Managing property needs to be done right. There are numerous disciplines and critical processes involved and the area is heavily regulated. All activities must be conducted in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and there are significant areas of compliance which are monitored and enforced by the Department of Commerce.

    Property management involves much more than simply collecting rent payments. For a property to be managed successfully our team expertly navigates the following:

    • Advertising and marketing
    • Leasing – management of enquiries and property viewings
    • Tenant application management and vetting processes
    • Set up and administration of leases
    • Production and execution of leases
    • Conducting of compliant property condition reports
    • Property handover
    • Routine inspection attendance and reporting
    • Maintenance management, both proactive and responsive – management and organisation of trades and conducting of works
    • Collection of rent and outgoings and the associated trust accounting
    • The preparation of accounting statements and disbursement of funds to suppliers in the management of the property
    • Tenant performance, rent reviews and lease renewal management
    • Issuing of general notices, default notices and breaches if required, all in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act
    • Final bond inspections and administration and closure of the final bond
    • Property preparation and turnaround at end of lease ready for re-marketing to limit rental downtime and vacancies

    At Vivid, this is all undertaken by a dedicated and highly skilled team of people. The management of your property is not left to chance and it certainly isn’t left to one individual. We have rigorous controls in place to ensure your property is not only well managed, but that your returns are maximised while reducing your tenant and compliance risks.

    Legally, there is nothing to prevent you from self-managing your rental property. However, the chances are, when you add up your valuable time and the expenses you will still incur, you’ll quickly recognise the value for money the Vivid property management team provides.

  • Vivid operates a simplified and transparent fee structure. We’ve done away with seven of the most common fees charged by typical agencies and made things easier and more straightforward.

  • No, there is no upfront cash outlay. And even better, as a welcome present, professional photography of your property will be on us! In addition, marketing is included in the property leasing fee which isn’t charged until your property is let and the Tenant pays their bond and initial two weeks rent. So, effectively you can get started with Vivid without any cash outlay!

  • Absolutely, you do. Landlord insurance will cover you for any unexpected loss such as wilful tenant damage to the property, death of a tenant, abandonment and other unforeseen events. Cover varies between providers so landlords are advised to do their research. We always recommend that you insure with a reputable specialist landlord insurance provider and we can assist you to make these arrangements.

  • At Vivid every client and property has a dedicated property manager. Our property managers are an impressive bunch, and yours will be your main point of contact. However, we believe in providing a sustainable service, therefore there is a whole support services team that works with your property manager to provide services to you and your tenant.

    We operate sophisticated systems and on top of our paperless, environmentally friendly office, this means that anyone in the support services team will have sufficient information and knowledge to be able to help you or your tenant should your property manager be unavailable or away. Gone are the old days where we are totally dependent on one individual who has all the knowledge in their head. This means the world doesn’t come to a standstill on the back of one person and you can enjoy a more robust and consistent service as a result.

  • We certainly aren’t the cheapest service provider and we’re also not the most expensive. What we deliver is outstanding service and results to our clients, providing real value for money.

    We won’t ever be the cheapest because delivering outstanding results for our clients is not a cheap exercise.

    Our commitment to continuous improvement requires us to invest in our business and our people. The success of this investment is clearly demonstrated by the excellent service and results we deliver.

    At Vivid we have a specific, dedicated property management operation that purely focuses on property management. We provide a fully managed, fully comprehensive service to all our clients and we have an absolute focus on delivering outstanding service and exceptional results.

    When you choose Vivid, you get a team of dedicated people looking after you. We are true leaders in our field, we have an award winning team and deliver market leading results. We’re in the top 1% of agencies in the Perth Metropolitan area, and compared to the typical Perth agency, on average we save each of our clients two weeks in down time when they have a Tenant change over. (That’s the equivalent to two weeks rent in their pocket).

    We have a consistently low vacancy rate in comparison to the market and run a consistently low arrears and tenant default rate.

    When you choose Vivid, you are choosing a provider of substance you can rely on. It may cost a little more, but we will not compromise on service to be cheaper.

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