Top 5 Reasons
to Sell with Us

Market Leaders

Local market leaders in Leeming and Willetton, with 40% more market presence than our nearest competitor


Proven track record with more than 2,000 Perth property sales, with a combined value of more than $1.3b

Lots of Buyers

Buyer database packed with people who are actively looking at properties and ready to buy

Great Marketing

Exceptional property showcasing and premium advertising to maximise engagement and interest

Fantastic Reviews

Stacks of happy customers who have given us a 4.9-star rating average on Rate My Agent


Why Choose Us to Sell Your Home?

If you’re selling your home or investment property, you want a reliable real estate sales agent who’ll go above and beyond. It makes sense that you want the best possible price in the shortest possible time. That’s why we don’t muck around. Our sales team is proactive, diving into action from day one.

We know our clients don’t want their properties lingering on the market forever while they chase up sales agents who don’t return their calls. That’s not how real estate sales should be done.

As one of the largest independent agencies south of the river, we’re consistently achieving great results for our clients right across the Perth Metropolitan area. We’ve sold more than 2,000 properties and consistently get fantastic feedback, with more than 350 positive reviews and a 4.8-star average on Rate My Agent.

Through expertise and hard work, we’ve established an impressive local market share. In fact, our market presence is 40% more than our nearest competitor. That’s because our Leeming and Willetton agencies are staffed by locals. They can not only read the market like the back of their hands, but they’ll give prospective buyers the scoop on the best coffee shops, restaurants and schools in the neighbourhood too.

That’s the Vivid difference. It’s in every detail. We don’t just sell homes, we sell dreams, lifestyles and possibilities.


Proven Track Record

Did you know we have a proven track record for achieving top value and shorter selling times? One of the keys to our success is knowing how to stage, showcase and market properties to achieve the best price possible. How? For a start, we’ll tell you the truth about your property, because that’s the first step to getting the best result for you at sale.

  • We realistically appraise the value of your property
  • We do honest talk, in a caring way
  • We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards
  • We deliver excellent service every step of the way

Once you list your property with us, we’ll showcase it to its absolute best. Professional photos, cutting edge presentation methods and premium advertising all work seamlessly together to give the wow factor today’s savvy buyer is looking for.

We conduct professional private viewings and open homes where our friendly, highly skilled sales agents build relationships with potential buyers. We’re always available outside the traditional 9am-5pm working hours, showing your property at peak times for best exposure.


Leaders in Perth Real Estate Sales

As market leaders in Leeming, Willetton and surrounding areas, we have an active buyer database specific to your neighbourhood. And when we say active database, we mean that thing is buzzing! It’s not an outdated list of every person who’s done business with us in the past decade. It’s full of real prospective buyers who are looking and ready to buy.

Selling an investment property? Talk to us about our specialist investment sales team. With our in-house dedicated property management business, our expertise, knowledge and capacity in this area means you’ll be in safe hands.

And to top it all off, we have a real, meaningful commitment to the environment. As the first WA agency to have achieved a carbon neutral status, by choosing us, you’re also helping the environment. It’s just one more reason you’ll love doing business with us.

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There's More to Vivid

Free Valuation

Free market appraisal and fantastic expert local property advice

Market Leaders

Local market leaders in Leeming, Willetton and surrounding areas

Expert Showcasing

Expert property showcasing, with professional photography and premium advertising

Great Marketing

Comprehensive marketing and digital staging to maximise buyer interest

Best Exposure

Achieve five times the market exposure of a typical local area agent

Highly Experienced

Proven track record, with more than 2,000 properties sold with value exceeding $1.3b

Happy Clients

An average 4.9-star rating on Rate My Agent from more than 350 reviews

Strong Values

Strong values and commitment to giving back to our environment

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Frequently Asked

Why should I list my property with an agent? Why not sell it myself?

It might seem tempting to try to sell your own property and avoid paying agent commissions, but we think that’s a bit like pulling out your own teeth to avoid paying a dentist. It’s a high-risk strategy that’s likely to cause you pain and cost more money than it saves.

Selling a property needs to be done right. There are lots of complex steps and any one of them done wrong could result in costly mistakes. Property sales is a highly regulated area, and by selling your own home you’re effectively entering yourself into a contract to sell your property with very little professional advice or recourse if things go wrong. We believe the commission you pay for a professional sales agent will more than pay for itself and also remove the burden of the sale from your shoulders.

When it comes to selling, the important question isn’t whether you should sell with an agent, but which agent you should choose. Working with the right agent is essential to make sure your property is properly appraised against the backdrop of real market information and knowledge, and marketed effectively to maximise interest and buyer engagement. The right agent can maximise the value of your property and ensure the contract of sale is in order for a smooth settlement.

What fees will you charge to sell my Property

We charge a fixed price marketing fee, payable at the outset of marketing the property. In return we’ll prepare exceptional marketing collateral and imagery. This allows us to showcase your property and effectively market, advertise and promote it to our active buyer database and beyond. We use targeted premium marketing and advertising to maximise buyer interest.

We charge a commission upon the sale of your property. This is paid at settlement. In return we’ll effectively manage your sales campaign, conduct scheduled viewings and home opens, obtain, manage and present offers through to acceptance and manage the whole process through to settlement. Naturally, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Our fee structure works well and our clients like it. They like a fixed-price marketing campaign with a lot of extra goodies and value not typical of other agencies. Not to mention the fact that our fees are transparent, simple, with no surprises, like unexpected requests for more marketing money. Commission charged is totally contingent upon us achieving results and is paid from proceeds of settlement.

For each and every appraisal we undertake a detailed review of the property. We provide a solid and honest appraisal of its value and expected selling time, and back that up with a complete and transparent proposal detailing all fees and inclusions. There are no hidden surprises. Call us today to appraise your property and you can find out for yourself why so many people choose us!

Do I have to pay for Marketing?

Yes, standout showcasing is a critical component of a high calibre advertising and promotional campaign which will inspire buyer interest. This enables us to create a more competitive buyer environment and maximise the value of your property.

We guarantee that with Vivid you’ll get great bang for your buck and your property will be better presented and marketed by us than any other agent around.

An agent has told me they'll get me more than I think the property is worth. Is it worth a shot?

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We will never overprice a property just to get your business. We deliver accurate appraisals and give you truthful, straight up, practical guidance.

Ultimately, the market will dictate the price a property can achieve. If a property is overpriced it won’t attract interest or create a competitive buyer environment. It will languish on the market and go stale, most likely leading to a prolonged sale period and a lower sale price than if it was listed at the correct price to start with.

This isn’t a good strategy to sell a property.

What we’ll do is be honest, give great advice and help you maximise the value of your property. The best sales, which obtain best value for clients, are the ones that are priced realistically and gather interest from multiple buyers. This creates an environment of competition, which helps fetch a better price.

Meet Jane. (Jane is real, and so is this story. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.)

Jane had a property to sell in the local area. It was honestly appraised at $719,000. But someone told Jane they would get $800,000. So, she went with them and the property sat on the market for nine months. Jane got sad, because she needed to sell her property to move on with her life. Eventually she got worn down, and with multiple price drops, Jane eventually sold her property for less than $690,000.

Why did that happen? We believe it was because the property got stale. Had Jane followed the original honest advice, her property would have been listed for $719,000 and she would likely have secured that price within a matter of weeks. In fact, chances are she would have gotten more money because buyer competition would have been successfully created.

Don’t be like Jane. If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

What happens if my home is listed too cheap?

Pricing must be realistic, but the market will always determine the value of a property. If a property is listed at the lower end of its value scale, people will see the value and there’ll be plenty of interest. More interest promotes competition between buyers, resulting in prices walking up to the property’s real value, if not beyond.

Getting the pricing of your property right is critical. That’s why using an experienced sales agent is so important. Go too high, you’ll get no interest. Go too low and you don’t price condition the market. Our team will advise you about how we can get this balance just right.

What should I do to prepare my property for sale?

Preparing your property for sale can easily become overwhelming, not knowing what to prioritize and what will make your property stand out, ensuring a smooth sale and most importantly a high price!

Our Sales team are here for that exact scenario, call us first before spending thousands on upgrades that will price you out of the current market.
Our team have years of experience and can provide personalized guidance based on your specific circumstances, prioritizing upgrades that will increase the sale price when you go to market.