You know you want to rent, but when it comes to renting a house vs an apartment, what’s the better choice? Keep reading below to learn the answer!

7 September 2020

If you, like many Australians, have decided that renting is the only option you can or want to consider for your new home, you’ll still have to choose between renting a house or an apartment.

While some people are firmly in one camp or another, for others, the house vs apartment debate is a tricky one. Depending on your lifestyle, family situation, job, and other factors, the renting house advantages may not be enough to justify the more expensive rent. Likewise, there are others who aren’t sure whether apartment living is suitable for them.

Still on the fence about whether renting a house or an apartment is the best choice for you? Keep reading to find out the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Renting a house is often a better choice for families and those who value certain lifestyle aspects over others. Here are some of the main advantages of renting a house:


One of the obvious advantages of renting a house is that you’ll almost always get more space than you’d get with an apartment rental. This can mean more bedrooms, larger communal living spaces, and added functional areas, such as a parking space. Houses for rent also tend to have some kind of garden or courtyard, meaning that you’ll have the space to enjoy outdoor activities too.


Many people value the privacy that living in a house provides. While you’ll have neighbours living nearby, there’ll be a good amount of space between your home and theirs. A house also has a private entrance, unlike apartments where you’re not the only one in control of who enters your building.


With more space and more privacy comes a greater amount of freedom. Living in a house means you can indulge in hobbies that are noisy or need a lot of space without having to worry about your neighbours. Having a garden also gives you the freedom to enjoy good weather without having to leave the comfort of your own home.


Despite the advantages listed above, renting a house does come with a few disadvantages:


While it’s not impossible to find cheap houses for rent, houses tend to always be more expensive than apartments. But, beyond the higher rent, there are other costs to consider. Since houses are bigger, it’s likely that you’ll pay more to heat and cool your home. And if you have a lawn or garden, it’s often up to you to cover the cost of maintaining it.


While we’re on the subject of maintenance, houses tend to need more looking after than apartments. Houses are bigger which means more time and effort spent cleaning, as well as more parts to go wrong. Although renting means your landlord must fix any problems, you’ll need to perform regular basic checks to ensure nothing breaks down and to notify them fast if anything does.


Cheap houses for rent tend to be in less desirable locations of the city, while even the more expensive rental houses are rarely anywhere near the CBD.

Most of the time, houses are in the suburbs which can mean a long drive or commute to work every day. There’s also a strong chance that you’ll be living far away from shopping centres, gyms, restaurants, and other entertainment options if you choose to rent a house rather than an apartment.


Your budget or your personal circumstances may make renting an apartment the better option for you. Here are some of the main advantages of rental apartments:


The main advantage of selecting an apartment for rent is the lower monthly rent. Apartments are also cheaper to heat and cool than larger houses. Plus, the way apartments are built closer together often keeps heat from escaping, making your monthly utility bills even cheaper.


Most apartments are either very close to the CBD or they have good public transport links. This makes it a lot easier and faster to get to work. You’ll also have better access to a range of restaurants and supermarkets, as well as concerts, cinemas, and other entertainment options that are only ever found in city centres.

What’s more, some more luxurious apartment complexes even have onsite amenities such as a gym or swimming pool for added convenience. So, you won’t even have to leave your building to enjoy these leisure activities!


While things can go wrong in an apartment, with no roof or garden to worry about, there’s a lot less pressure on you to perform regular checks and keep your landlord updated. Your apartment complex may even have an onsite maintenance man to call on if anything goes wrong.


While apartments have plenty of pros, they do come with several disadvantages too:


Apartments often have fewer bedrooms than houses while communal living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens also tend to be more compact in apartments. Depending on where you live now, this might mean you don’t have room for all your current furniture. You’re also unlikely to have a spare room or guest room so you may need to consider space-saving options such as a sofa bed in the living room.


In an apartment, your neighbours are literally living on top of you, as well as underneath you and next to you. Even if your neighbours aren’t especially noisy, there’s a good chance you’ll hear banging, arguments, and loud music, especially in summer when you’ve all got your windows open.

Aside from the nuisance of your neighbours’ noise, apartment living can also mean unexpected issues with everything from where to hang your washing to unappealing cooking smells entering your apartment.


With less indoor space, little to no outdoor space, and neighbours in close proximity, living in an apartment doesn’t give you the same freedom as a house does to enjoy certain hobbies or make as much noise as you want. Also, for example, if you want to change your lifestyle and switch to working from home or start a family, it’s not as easy to do when space is limited.

renting HOUSE VS renting apartment DECISION

Wherever you stand on the house vs apartment debate, it’s clear that renting a house has better flexibility. But, if convenience and price are more important to you than factors such as space and privacy, renting an apartment is likely to be the best choice.

For more information on renting a house or apartment, we encourage you to contact us today!