Property rentals in Leeming are popular, largely because of their proximity to the city centre of Perth.

24 June 2021

Buying an investment property in Leeming or looking for a property to rent will obviously provoke questions about the area and what one can expect. Property rentals in Leeming are popular, largely because of their proximity to the city centre of Perth. We take a look at the local amenities, the schools, the people that live there, and whether the area is a good prospect for investment.

The Area

Located 17 km south of Perth, WA, Leeming has evolved since the 1970s experiencing significant growth. At the 2006 census, the population was 11,548. Unlike Bull Creek which falls within the government area of the city of Melville, Leeming actually falls under 3 government areas – the City of Melville, the City of Cockburn, and the City of Canning. Up until the 1970s, it was largely an agricultural area, however, it has since undergone transformation and development to become a relaxed suburb, popular with families.


Situated 17 km from Perth, Leeming is bound by South Street in the north, the Kwinana Freeway in the West and Roe Highway in the south and southeast. It is also in close proximity to Jandakot airport.


With Leeming Primary School and Leeming Secondary School, as well as an abundance of other schools, it’s no surprise that the area is a big draw with families. There is an extensive choice of primary and secondary schools all within easy reach. Almost 90% of the population is made up of families or couples without children, a proportion of which will be looking to raise a family in the area in the not-so-distant future.

values of Rentals in leeming

Rentals in Leeming have a median weekly rent of $490 which is higher than other suburbs such as Willetton and Bull Creek but not as much as Perth. Renters can expect to pay between approximately $440 and $750 per week. Like many other areas, with rental property in demand, one can expect a further rise in these values.

Development of Leeming

There are numerous parks and reserves in the suburb of Leeming which makes it an attractive proposition to families looking to move to the area. On the outskirts of the suburb lies the airport with industrial activity around this particular site. There are actually development opportunities with land ripe for development available for sale.

Looking for Rentals in Leeming?

Leeming is a popular choice with families looking for a rental property for a number of reasons, not least the number of schools, the proximity to the city of Perth, and the links to the city. With nature reserves and parks, while being a well-populated area, it is still a desirable place to raise a family. Those looking to make a permanent move could look to rent in the area while seeking the ideal property.

Looking to Invest in Leeming?

With a median weekly rent of $490, Leeming is definitely an area to consider when it comes to investing. With no shortage of people looking for a rentals in Leeming, a landlord looking to start a property portfolio, or indeed add to one, would be wise to consider this as a real opportunity. View properties for sale in and around Leeming.

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