As well as enjoying a fully managed service from a specialist property management agency of substance, there are some simple but great reasons why clients can expect better results with Vivid than a typical, average real estate agency.

25 May 2021

With Vivid, the Numbers Speak for Themselves

We don’t just say this and hope that our prospective clients believe us, we back this up with real substance. In fact, our property portfolio strategy results speak for themselves. With an average leasing time of just 8 days, Vivid Property Perth are proud to achieve 4.87% over the appraised market rent values for our clients.

What does that mean to you? Well, on an average weekly rental value of $400 per week, that’s an extra $19.48 per week in your property adding up to $1,013 over the course of a year.

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we lease properties 24 days faster than our peers – that’s 24 more days rent than you can expect with many other agents.

Vivid property portfolio performance

Proof of Vivid’s property portfolio strategy success.

Making Our Clients Thousands of Dollars

Moving your property to Vivid could mean that you make an additional $1,371 over the course of a year (based on property rentals of $400 per week). Add that to the $1,013 that we can gain by achieving over average market prices and that is an extra $2,384 per year that you could be making by switching your property to Vivid. If you’ve got more than one property, that equates to some substantial gains!

Delivering Real Value to our Clients

As well as the obvious cost benefits, and the potential money you could make on your investments, there are many other reasons to choose Vivid to manage your property rentals:

Why we lead the way in property portfolio strategy success.

We don’t charge any up-front fees to our clients meaning you don’t pay us a penny until you see the results for yourself. What’s more we use premium marketing methods to showcase and promote your property without any additional fees. This includes all the photography, online marketing and promotion. That’s not all, we also offer all of the following benefits to all of our valuable clients:

  • Flexible viewings to suit you and potential tenants
  • A fully managed service meaning you can sit back and let your investments work hard for you
  • Onsite induction and handover to ensure a smooth process
  • Quality reporting
  • Proactive reviews
  • Dedicated and accessible team here to help you
  • Market leaders in Perth and surrounding areas

turn your property portfolio strategy into a success story

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just pick up the phone and chat with us. Our friendly and experienced team are on hand just waiting to help you manage your property portfolio and make the whole process easy and financially rewarding for you.

Contact Vivid to discuss your investment property goals and discover how our proeprty managers can help you achieve them.