As the spring market selling season approaches, the number of Perth property buyers is already greater than the number of sellers meaning that it’s currently a seller’s market with activity levels not experienced since 2006.

1 September 2021

Attendance Numbers up For Home opens perth

Data from has found “attendance numbers at open homes in the statistical area (SA4) of inner Perth has risen 30 percent over four weeks. And in the Perth Southwest area, this figure increased 16.8 percent.”

Phil Langley of Vivid Property says “we’ve seen a 50 percent increase in active buyers registering with Vivid over the last 3 months showing just how active the current property market is. We are looking forward to a busy spring with lots of buyer interest. It certainly is a good time to sell.”

“The demand seems to be for family homes near the city and the beach. These locations are particularly popular with many of the buyers being families. In areas such as Leeming and Willetton, we are achieving over the guide price on a great number of properties as they are literally flying out of the door.”

Many Buyers Are Families

According to the data, it seems that Perth families are looking to put down roots for the long-term with space to entertain, and yards for the kids to play in, being high up on the list of requirements. It’s no surprise that many of these buyers are families. This area of Perth offers so much from a number of fantastic schools to great links with the city centre – ideal for parents with a commute to the office.

Perth Property Receiving Multiple Offers

A property on a nice suburban street will often receive multiple offers and up to 30 groups at a home open. With spring bringing new buyers, and sellers out in force, the numbers attending home opens is expected to rise. This is heightened somewhat as there seems to be a sense of WA facing the prospect of another lockdown. This means people are speeding up their decisions. While one can only hope that this isn’t the case, it could have an impact on the property market in the coming months.

Highest Home Open Levels Since 2006

It’s fair to say that the market hasn’t experienced this level of activity since 2006 with as many as 50 groups of people through a property over a 2-day viewing period.

selling? plan home opens perth

While we can’t predict how long this period of increased activity will last, we can guarantee that our team will go above and beyond to get to the best possible prices in the shortest possible time working proactively on your behalf to sell your home.

Check our listings page for details of upcoming home opens in Perth. Or get in touch to discuss selling your Perth property with Vivid, click here.