The first six months of the year have seen strong activity in the Perth property market for buyers, sellers, investors, and landlords. With current activity levels looking set to continue as we enter spring, we can expect this trend to carry on, for the immediate future at least.

21 September 2021

Perth housing market: Property Values Have Risen by 8.42%

2021’s strong Perth housing market can be attributed to a number of factors – the low-interest-rate environment, a tight supply of properties and a strong underlying Western Australia economy are all factors which have seen values rise by 8.42% for the first half of 2021 and rental availability remain low at 1.1% vacancy rate.

Increasing Perth Rental Yields

Weekly rentals continue to strengthen with improving yields for landlords as availability tightens and demands continue. The prospect of capital growth in both the short and medium-term remains strong.

A Great Time for Sellers and Investors

It’s fair to say, based on the results we have experienced, and the overall market numbers, it’s a very good time for sellers, landlords and those new investors to the Perth property market. Affordability in WA remains good for buyers, especially when compared to other areas of Australia.

Why Choose Vivid in this perth housing market?

A strong market is one thing but it takes a great agent to achieve the best numbers. Here’s why we consider ourselves to be leading the way:

  • Properly considered and exceptional property showcasing
  • Expert marketing and promotion maximising potential buyer engagement. This is underpinned by our market exposure and the fact that we are connecting with more buyers than any other local agency
  • The professional, engaging, and highly capable team has sold over 2,100 properties
  • Very happy clients with a 4.9-star rating on rate my agent
  • Strong values and a genuine commitment to giving back to the community and taking care of our environment

The bottom line is that with Vivid, our marketing, promotional and sales processes ensure that buyer engagement is maximised and that sellers achieve the very best value possible for their property whilst enjoying sales timeframes that are better than the average local area agency.

The difference between running such a campaign and skimping will inevitably reduce the success of the outcome of the sale for the Perth property seller. Just check out some of our recent client success stories which really do illustrate what could be missed out on had these vendors not engaged us to undertake their campaign.

Vivid Property Perth - experts in Perth housing market

Our performance in the current Perth housing market.

Quick facts from Vivid Property

Recent Real Client Success Stories


$150k over appraised market value

Listed and sold within 7 days. Effective marketing and promotion enticed over 70 groups through the door which resulted in an accepted offer of $150k above the appraised value.


$55k over appraised market value

3 other local agents appraise the property who all said it wouldn’t sell for the price the sellers wanted. Listed, multiple offers written and sold within 7 days $55k above the appraised value.


$35k over appraised market value

Multiple offers presented to seller 2 days after advertising. Sold in less than a week $35k above appraised value.


$150k over appraised market value

A full market appraisal at $1m, an exceptional marketing campaign created real competitive tension and resulted in the property selling for $1.15m within 12 days of going to market.

how can vivid help in this perth housing market

Vivid sales and leasing agents showcase a huge range of rental properties and homes for sale in the Perth metro area. If you can’t find what you’re after, make sure to contact us below.

For existing property investors who want to make the most out of their investment property, check out our property management.

To learn more about how we could help you achieve your real estate goals and maximise the value on your property then please get in touch with your Vivid representative or contact Jesse Gough on 0499 060 034.