With the Perth property market still in full swing, investors are now choosing to cash in on the significant property values achieved across the metro area!

14 December 2022

So, you’re thinking of selling an investment property?

STOP! Before you call your local agent (the one who has been leaving you fliers in your letterbox for years!), remember you already have an agent whom you have a great relationship with ….

Your Property Manager, yes, any large-scale property management agency will have a specialist client sales team who understands tenancy law and can work closely with you to achieve the highest return on your investment.

A client sales team member will have the market knowledge to guide and advise you when it is the right time to go to market, and if that means whilst your tenant is in place, your property manager is there to help!

When selling AN investment property, what is important?

Utilise your property management agency. After all, they have the relationship to guide your tenant to ensure you nail those integral things:

  • Access for prospective buyers by negotiating fixed days and times that work for all parties
  • The property presentation by utilising that long-term relationship to your benefit!
  • Essential understanding of what legal requirements you have toward your current tenancy, making sure your sale is a smooth process with no unexpected hurdles.
  • With the ability to leverage their relationship and educate your tenant,  your property management agency is the only agency you should use to sell your investment property.

receive expert investment property selling advice

Vivid Property Perth have extensive experience with property sales in the Perth region. We help property investors every step of the way and ensure they get the best possible ROI. Call our CLIENT sales team now to better understand when the time is right to sell your investment property.

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