In a crazy rental market, here are our Top TIPS to becoming the chosen application.

8 December 2022

In the current Perth rental crisis, our TOP tips for a successful rental application will help you become the chosen Tenant!!

TIP 1 – Be Prepared

When you commence your journey to finding your new home, you must be prepared!

  • Map out the area you are looking in (school catchments, local amenities)
  • Look at ALL the current rentals in your chosen location and surrounding areas
  • Have a clear idea of your budget
  • Have a checklist of that MUST haves

Prepare Your Rental Application Documents

  • Contact your personal reference
  • Collate your recent payslips
  • Let your employer know they will be getting a call
  • Have copies of your ID
  • Create your extras (pet profiles)

TIP 2 –Make the Right Impression

On the day of the home opening it is essential to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are registered before attending (you want to make a great first impression)
  • Be on time
  • Present yourself well; remember this is an interview of sorts
  • Don’t park on the neighbour’s lawns (they may be your neighbours soon)
  • If you have questions, ASK! Leasing agents are trained to multi-task, and they are there to help.
  • Take your time. Most home opens are between 15-30 mins so methodically make your way around the property with (a checklist in hand.
  • If the agent hasn’t signed you in via an app, ensure you ask about their application process before you leave.
  • Leasing agents usually have back-to-back opens; if you think of something later in the day, a text is generally more straightforward for them to respond to than a call.
  • Submit your application before 9 am the following day

TIP 3 – The rental Application

Now that you have seen your perfect new home, what can you do to ensure you are at the top of the list to get accepted?

  • Ensure EVERY part of your application is complete
  • Call your references and advise that today is the day to turn their phones off silent!
  • Put your best foot forward! You may want to increase your offer or pay a few months upfront in a competitive market.
  • Add a pet profile with a photo and a BIO (these can go a long way when an owner approves a pet.

The leasing agent will call you; however, if you haven’t heard anything by the close of business the day after you have submitted your application, give them a call to ensure they have everything they need!

Luck has nothing to do with it!

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