Your Local Guide to Property Rental in Willetton

Getting some local knowledge of the area will help you make a more informed decision whether you’re looking to rent a property in Willetton, WA or viewing it as a potential investment opportunity.

Whether looking to rent a property in Willetton, WA or considering it as a potential investment opportunity, having some local knowledge of the area can help you make a more informed decision. In addition to schools, amenities and daily commutes to work, prospective renters and landlords should find out more about future plans for the area. When it comes to choosing this particular suburb of Perth, what can you expect when it comes to property rental in Willetton?

The Area

Willeton is a large suburb in southern Perth located 13km south of the Perth central business district and covering an area of 9 square kms. With a population of 18,187, there are just over 6,000 dwellings. The average age of residents is 39 and the area is largely populated by couples and families.


Situated between two main east-west routes. It can be reached by Leach Highway to the north and Roe Highway to the south. Accessible to Perth Airport with Circle Route bus taking passengers to the Murdoch Railway Station. Other bus routes serve the local city of Cannington.


There are a number of primary schools in the area in addition to 2 large high schools with Willetton Senior High School being the largest high school in Western Australia. The number of schools in Willetton gives some indication as to why it is such a popular area with local families.

Rental Values

The median weekly rent in Willetton is $455 with rental growth of 8.3%. Properties to rent in the area currently fetch between $400 per week and a little over $600 per week. 

Development of Willetton

Since its growth in the 70s, Willetton has continued to thrive with an industrial sector to the north of the suburb and commercial land throughout the area. Future plans include a #12.5 million improvement to Willetton Senior High School as well as developments to Burrendah Park. There are also several housing development projects across the area.

Looking to Rent in Willetton?

As a someone looking to rent property in the Willetton area, its proximity to the central business district of Perth, with good transport links served by Murdoch Railway Station and the Circle Line, make it a good spot for commuters working in the city. Such a choice of schools, and the largest high school, in Western Australia also offers a lot for families looking for a place to settle. It’s no surprise that it is such a popular area with modern families and couples just starting their journey.

Looking to Invest in Willetton?

Landlords seeking the right investment opportunity in the Perth region can expect a media rent of $455 with rental values having displayed recent healthy growth. As a fairly affluent area, with such great proximity to central Perth, it’s recent activity indicates great prospects for a healthy return on investment. There are also developments to transform the Willetton Sports Precinct in Burrendah Park with a 4 year, $4.8million transformation under way as part of the Burrendah Park Landscape Master Plan. When considering investment prospects, it is always a good idea to look at local development plans and whether it is an area for growth. The more activity, the more potential for couples and families moving into the area and looking for the right property to rent.

If you would like to know more about Willetton, or would like to discuss renting out your Willetton property, we would be happy to share our local knowledge and help you make the right decision.

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