We take a look at what Bull Creek, a popular suburb of Perth has to offer.

20 May 2021

Those looking for rentals in Bull Creek, may have questions about the area and what to expect. Is it a good place to live? Would you be wise to invest in this Perth suburb? Whether it’s the local schools or amenities, or a question about transport links to other areas, we aim to provide the information you need about rentals in Bull Creek, WA.

The Area

Bull Creek is a suburb of Perth, WA and falls within the local government area of City of Melville. With a population of 7,698 at the 2006 census, it covers an area of approximately 4km square. The median age of residents in Bull Creek is 44 compared to 36 in Perth with an average size household of 3 indicating that it is a family suburb. In fact, over 80% of the population of the suburb is made up of couples with and without children.


Situated 11 km from Perth, the area has its own railway station, Bull Creek, with a bus service to Bull Creek station. The station services both the Perth CBD and the neighbouring city of Mandurah.


There are no shortage of schools with primary schools including Bull Creek Primary School, West Leeming Primary School, Oberthur Primary School and Leeming Primary School. The area is also served by an abundance of senior high schools including Leeming and Willetton. It is perhaps for this reason that the area is so popular with families.

Values for rentals in bull creek

The median weekly rent in Bull Creek is $478, slightly more than neighbouring Willetton and rental growth of a whopping 15.2% which is almost double the growth rate of the aforementioned suburb. Expect to pay rents of around $380 – $620 per week. With such significant growth, these rates could be expected to see further rise as the demands for this small, but popular, suburb increases.

Development of Bull Creek

Officially becoming Bull Creek suburb in 1968, the area has shown considerable growth in recent years. While not great for nightlife, the area does offer accessible shopping which isn’t too far away. One of the nearby high Schools, Willetton high is currently undergoing development and there is some housing development taking place in the area.

Looking for Rentals in Bull Creek

If you are looking for rentals in Bull Creek as a couple or a family, there are opportunities available. Ideal for families, the area, with its proximity to so many schools and being so close to Perth, is extremely popular. With a robust rental market, if you do want to get your hands on the ideal property, you better do so quickly as there is a high demand. View our rentals in Bull Creek and other suburbs here.

Looking to Invest in Bull Creek?

With a median weekly rent of $478, Bull Creek is showing great growth in rental values. There are a number of reasons for this. One is the 11km distance to Perth centre with accessible commuter links. It has a lot to offer families and with great nearby shopping and a plethora of schools to choose, it is no surprise that rental properties are in such high demand. If you are considering your next investment opportunity, you would be wise to consider this small but popular area of Western Australia.

If you’re after an investment property, view properties for sale in Bull Creek, Perth, and have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable team. Their extensive local knowledge as well as their experience in the property market means they are well equipped to advise on property investments.

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